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About NGP-324

Barco's NGP-324 is a powerful display controller that drives small to medium-sized video walls. The NGP-324 unleashes the extreme power of up to two XEON E5620 quad-core 2.4 GHz processors, high-end 3D graphics acceleration and best-in-class media integration capabilities.

Extreme performance

  • High-end 3D nVidia Quadro FX graphics acceleration
  • Up to 2 XEON E5620 quad-core 2.4 GHz processors for concurrent application processing and software-based media decoding
  • Baseband capture cards for analog video and DVI/RGB inputs
  • Software decoding of streaming media
  • Local application support

Scalable, fully network centric integration

  • Up to 24 displays can be connected to one display controller
  • Stackable to build display walls of unlimited size through distributed rendering
  • Collaborates perfectly with Barco’s CMS control room management software

Robustness and reliability

  • 19” rack mounted chassis
  • Redundancy options
  • Worry-free, Barco-qualified system component

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