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X series LED


4.5mm pixel pitch, 2,000 nits indoor LED display

About NX-4

The NX-series have set a new standard for indoor LED displays by offering the deepest black levels available on the market, and pairing this with a phenomenal contrast ratio of over 4,000:1. With a light output of over 2,000 Nits and native 16-bit color processing, it is sure to deliver the pinnacle of image quality in any indoor setting. In addition, the NX-series guarantee easy, quick installation and are lightweight by design.
  • true black levels
  • ultra-wide viewing angle: clearly visible image from nearly all angles
  • color consistency does not change with time
  • pixel pitch of an LED product, measured in mm


Black and bright

  • Use of black silicon resin instead of the traditional white epoxy, plus radical new light trap shader design delivers the deepest blacks any product on the market
  • When combined with a light output of 2000 Nit a phenomenal contrast ratio of 4000:1 is obtained


Seamless and lightweight

  • The Structure of The NX-4 in made of carbon fiber and is designed in a framework — rather than a box.
  • The result is a support system far stronger, far lighter, and ten times less sensitive to deformation extremely tight tolerances along all three structural axes (x, y and z).
  • Weight of the NX-4 tile including structure and cables is 59kg/sqm, 21% less than ILite 6XP.

Consistent uniformity over time

  • By using next generation, highly efficient LED dies and running the LED's at lower temperatures, extremely high brightness levels have been achieved at much lower currents. It’s simple — less stress equals longer life.
  • Within the LED itself, the use of silicon instead of epoxy resin also slows the aging process, and provides a greater degree of reliability in humid operating conditions.
  • NX-4’s new “tri-color” LED calibration further ensures display stability and uniformity over time.
  • With the product’s brightness declining to only 85% after 60,000 hours

Brilliant colors, breathtaking grayscales

  • 16-bit processing and new “tri-color” calibration on all three colors
  • Reaching new levels of color depth (281 trillion colors), uniformity, and grayscale range
  • With a tight selection of LED's and the 16- bit processing power of the NX-4, tiles can be calibrated to a larger color triangle – one that is actually wider than the HDTV standard, delivering vibrant images with deep, uniform colors across the entire display surface.

Get creative

  • NX-4 also employs the same small modular concept as Barco’s renowned OLite series
  • allowing the tiles to be used either as a standard integral display, or split apart for creative designs.
  • And when used in conjunction with Barco’s Director Toolset, you can build displays of any shape or form — limited only by your imagination.

Remove the tools, improve the serviceability

  • No tools or cables are required to set up and secure an NX-4 LED wall, or take it apart for service.
  •  And because the Mag-frame is essentially an open structure, there’s easy access to every module, the control unit and interface boards.
  • The control unit can even be opened while the tile is fully operational.
  • For added serviceability, if any shader is damaged, they are easily removed and replaced.
  • The inter-tile locking system has also beenre-designed for ease of setup, with simplified electrical connections, accurate “click” prelocks, robust horizontal and vertical locking mechanisms


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