NX Creative Mechanics

This product is no longer available.
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NX-4, NX6

About NX Creative Mechanics

Barco has developed dedicated mechanical structures to boost your creative capabilities with the NX-tiles, helping you create smoothly curved screens. Each set of mechanics accommodates up to nine NX modules vertically and each set can be easily connected vertically and horizontally in either concave or convex formats.
  • modular system architecture


Easy install

  • No additional metal work required for curve screen setting
  • Quick swapping of LEDs from normal NX tiles (via magnet fixation)
  • Light weight (nearly same as rental structure weight)
  • Easy setting with Director Toolset “creative mode”

Perfect curve capability

  • Rugged & high precision design
  • Convex / concave adapter plate
  • Smooth curve shape (small blocks)
  • Mix with NX rental structure (flat -concave -convex)

High ROI

  • Easy switching between curve screen events and normal IMAG events
  • No tooling, quick swapping, short delivery
  • Fully compatible NX4 and NX6
  • Warranty

NX Creative Mechanics

NX Creative Mechanics
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