OpSpace OpS-100

This product is no longer available.

All good things come to an end. This product is no longer available but our R&D teams have created newer ones with better specs.

OpSpace OpS-110

Small form factor thin client for HD displays

About OpSpace OpS-100

Barco's OpS-100 thin client is a small form factor display controller specifically built to drive up to two displays in HD resolution (1920 x 1080). It is used in Barco OpSpace networked visualization and collaboration environments to display encoded streams coming from an IP network. It supports standard H.264, Barco's low-latency Video2Data (V2D), Barco ProServer/Virtual Network Computing (VNC) and Remote Display Protocol (RDP) decoding.

The highly flexible mechanical design of the OpS­100 allows attaching it at the rear side of a monitor with an optional VESA mount, or operating it standalone.

Low noise thin client for up to two displays

The OpS-100 is designed and fully qualified for Barco OpSpace environments. Once connected to an OpSpace server, the pre-configured appliance enables customers to capture networked source information from anywhere. It displays these sources with a user-friendly user interface.

Multiple appliances can be combined to show sources as part of a composed desktop on monitors of an OpSpace workstation, a truly unified workspace for mission-critical applications.

This thin client can process up to eight HD-quality sources and allows organizing visual and interactive content as a smart multi-viewer to enhance knowledge and improve decision-making/


  • Pre-configured thin client for Barco OpSpace systems
  • Linux based OpSpace operating system
  • Intel ® i7 Quad Core TM processor for low-latency application processing and software based media decoding
  • Drives up to two displays in HD resolution (1920 x 1080)
  • Processes up to eight HD sources
  • Universal IP streaming video decoding (H.264, V2D, ProServer/VNC, RDP)
  • Silent operation
  • Small form factor
  • Flexible mounting options

OpSpace OpS-100

OpS-100 ThinClient (No Power Cable)
OpS-100 ThinClient (US Power Cable)
OpS-100 ThinClient (EU Power Cable)
OpS-100 ThinClient (UK Power Cable)
OpS-100 ThinClient (CN Power Cable)
OpS-100 ThinClient (C13C14 Power Cable)
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