OverView OLSF-721

This product is no longer available.

All good things come to an end. This product is no longer available but our R&D teams have created newer ones with better specs. Click through for details.

RGB Laser ODLSF-721

Laser-lit rear-projection video walls with front access and 3D

About OverView OLSF-721

Barco's OverView OLSF series LED-lit video walls with front access bring 3D to video walls. They are the first choice for 16:9 mission-critical control rooms that require a guaranteed uptime and the need to show stereoscopic images (using active shutter glasses). The modules’ high level of redundancy, not only of the individual LEDs, but also of the LEDs' power supplies and even inputs, ensures nothing can go wrong, giving users the peace of mind they need. Featuring a structure that can be tailored to the requirements of the customer, the OverView OLSF series knows virtually no limits in size.

Ultimate peace of mind

The OverView OLSF-721 video wall modules have been designed for an entirely maintenance-free operation over several years, without any need for consumables. Barco's unique liquid cooling system ensures lower LED temperature, resulting in longer LED lifetime (>80,000 hours in eco mode). Displaying the sharpest and most saturated colors in full HD resolution (1920x1080), the OverView OLSF-721 offers an ergonomically excellent viewing experience. The availability of alternative screen types makes sure you can adjust the video wall to your specific needs in terms of viewing angle and brightness.

Always the most optimal picture

OverView OLSF series video walls come with Sense6, Barco's unique sensor technology that provides brightness and color stability over time and across the entire display. Sense6 continuously measures brightness and color by means of a high-quality spectrometer, and adjusts the color space to provide an image that is most convenient for the human eye. The resulting vivid colors result in an even more spectacular stereoscopic experience, and will contribute to the increasing deployment of 3D content on video walls.

Award-winning design

The OverView OLSF series’ design, combining usability with style, has been lauded with the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. The individual modules have the smallest depth on the market today, allowing to build the most shallow video walls possible. What's more, the front access eliminates the need for a rear maintenance area, further decreasing the space needed. This makes the OverView OLSF series the product of choice for rear-projected 3D in confined spaces.

  • Full HD resolution
  • Aspect ratio 16:9
  • Long lifetime LED technology
  • Liquid cooling system
  • Sense6 calibration and stabilization technology
  • 24-7 operation
  • Designed and assembled with special attention for the protection of our environment
  • compact system
  • Excellent off-axis viewing
  • Scalable and seamless canvas
  • 12 bit Look Up Table
  • 5-year worry-free operation
  • Remote web access to projector module and full video wall
  • Redundant LED design, redundant inputs
  • Easy installation
  • Motorized geometry alignment
  • Low noise operation
  • Front access option
  • 3D stereo


Highest level of redundancy

  • 6x redundancy of LEDs (per color) & LED power supplies
  • 2x redundancy of dual-link inputs

Unique Barco innovations

  • Sense6 automatic full spectrum calibration
  • Active liquid cooling
  • Front access, removing need for rear maintenance area

Excellent viewing ergonomics

  • Vivid 3D using active shutter glasses
  • Wide LED color gamut
  • Full HD resolution
  • No color break up
  • Excellent off-axis viewing with next-generation screen types


  • 80,000 hours LED lifetime in eco mode
  • 5 years service-free runtime
  • No color wheel needed

Green focus

  • No wearing parts, no waste
  • No mercury lamps needed

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OverView OLSF-721

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