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MCM-100s, WB1920 Image Processor, WB2560 Image Processor

About Precision

The Precision auto-alignment tool from Barco offers a simple and fast solution to an otherwise complicated procedure. With a single camera and a PC you can achieve perfect blends on multi-channel installations, on both flat and cylindrical surfaces. It is an automated camera-assisted system for warping and edge-blending. Any multi-channel system will eventually drift over time, creating the need for realignment. This can be a time consuming, disruptive and difficult task. With Precision you can perform automatic realignment at the simple click of a button and it only takes a couple of minutes. It must be used together with the Barco WB-series or MCM series image processors and supports any combination of channels, horizontally and vertically, 1x2, 2x1, 1x3, 2x3, 3x3 etc. It also supports image stacking of any number of channels, for redundancy, increased brightness or 3D stereoscopic installations.

What equipment do you need?

Next to the projectors and the image generator that produces overlap, you need (* not supplied by Barco):

  • WB2560, WB1920 or MCM100 image processor (one per projector). Current WB's or MCM's can also be retrofitted with Precision
  • Digital camera (see list of supported cameras) *
  • PC running Windows OS *
  • Network communication between the PC and the image processors *


  • Provides stable and flawless blends over time 
  • Can be used with any display device supporting DVI input, up to WQXGA resolution per channel
  • No license required for use with new WB1920 (R9801223) and WB2560 (R9801224) image processors
  • High-performance blending and warping for a seamless multi-channel image 
  • Supports any combination of channels and image stacking
  • Precision is very easy to use and significantly reduces alignment times

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