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About Premier

Premier is an extension in scope of the standard factory warranty conditions. This service contract maximizes the uptime of the visualization system, at a transparent and fixed material cost.

Throughout the complete lifecycle of your system, Premier guarantees fast support, round the clock availability, and protects against material obsolescence and compatibility issues. In this way, it limits the possible surprises that might arise when operating your visualization solution.

We solve:

   • Not meeting customer SLA due to system downtime
   • Waiting for support in case of an emergency
   • Time-consuming order approvals
   • Lacking emergency access to expertise
   • Unexpected material cost
   • Uncertainty about long term support
   • Replacement parts not available when needed

Our deliverables:

   • e-Portal, mail and technical telephone support
   • 24/7 helpdesk
   • Remote assistance in troubleshooting
   • Replacement material covered
   • Obsolescence management
   • Same Business Day dispatch
   • Express shipment

Services organization:

   • 300+ skilled services engineers
   • Global coverage of service centers and partners
   • Experience based on 15 billion operational hours with 24/7 displays
   • Customer loyalty score of 83
   • 94% of customers with a service contract with Barco say they are satisfied to very satisfied
   • 1500 additional Barco certified engineers each year



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