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About RHDM-2301P

Barco's RHDM-2301 brings LCD technology of the highest professional standards, including:

  • a true 10-bit, 120Hz flat panel
  • scanning LED backlight technology
  • embedded calibration and stabilization technology
  • and unique 48-bit color processing.

All these features ensure a color performance and image quality level that is unseen in broadcast and post-production environments.

Barco's RHDM-2301P is an ideal reference for a wide range of film and
post-production applications:

  • on-set and dailies viewing
  • film scanning and restoration
  • various digital intermediate (DI) processes such as color grading, visual effects (VFX), computer generated images (CGI) and digital film mastering

post-production of trailers, commercials, music etc.


Film acquisition

The RHDM-2301P is the perfect reference monitor for Directors of Photography (DoP) on set during film acquisition, as well as for dailies processing. The Grade-1 color accuracy and stability means that two RHDM-2310P monitors will show identical pictures even on two distant sets.

Film scanning and telecine

Film scanners and telecine specialists will benefit from the RHDM-2301P's high contrast range, black detail and stabilized wide color gamut capabilities.

Color grading

The RHDM-2301P offers color grading specialists a high contrast and excellent black detail, a smooth picture without banding artifacts and accurate, CRT-like colors. With the RHDM-2301P, the film grain and other dark details are shown just as they are - not hidden or extremely accentuated.

Visual effects

Scanning LED backlight technology, a 120Hz LCD panel and native interlace mode make the RHDM-2301P an excellent reference for motion handling. The monitor also offers good de-interlace and inter-frame handling.

DVD and Blu-ray mastering

The RHDM-2301P is a reliable reference to validate a digital intermediate and its derivatives (DVD, Blu-ray, digital cinema masters etc.)


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