Scheduled maintenance

This product is no longer available.

About Scheduled maintenance

Scheduled maintenance is a service plan that minimizes the wear and tear of your visualization system. It preserves the system quality over time, and optimizes uptime.

We solve:

   • Not meeting customer SLA due to system downtime
   • Increasing system failures
   • Degrading picture quality over time
   • Lack of bandwidth and personnel to support the system

Our deliverables:

   • Functional testing
   • Fine tuning image
   • Cleaning of the system
   • Product patches
   • System control and recommendations
   • Q&A

Services organization:

   • 400+ skilled services engineers
   • Global coverage of service centers and partners
   • Experience based on 15 billion operational hours with 24/7 displays
   • Customer loyalty score of 83
   • 94% of customers with a service contract with Barco indicate they are satisfied to very satisfied with the delivered services
   • 1500 additional Barco certified engineers each year

Scheduled maintenance


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