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About SP-4816

Market research indicates that TV audiences are four times as likely to remember a brand they have seen on a digital sports perimeter as opposed to a fixed or revolving display. That's why Barco has developed a dedicated LED sports perimeter display specifically for televised sports applications.

High return on investment

With over 20 years of experience in outdoor, large-screen LED displays and visual solutions for the broadcast industry, Barco knows how to get the best image to your TV audience, and the highest return on your advertising investments. Our patented, top-mounted 'brand-up' display offers even additional visibility and a higher return for advertisers.

Superior image reproduction for broadcast

Barco's sports perimeter enables perfect, flicker-free reproduction of brands through its excellent daylight readability, superior contrast levels, easy synchronization with professional camera equipment, and individual color optimization. Barco's LED sports perimeter is designed for both fixed and mobile applications. 225 meters of the sports perimeter can be easily loaded on just one truck, and set up in less than three hours.

  • pixel pitch of an LED product, measured in mm
  • designed to withstand the most severe conditions

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