TransForm XDS-1000

This product is no longer available.

All good things come to an end. This product is no longer available but our R&D teams have created newer ones with better specs.

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4K screen management systems with 3D stereo support

About TransForm XDS-1000

The powerful TransForm XDS-1000 display management system is a user-friendly, desktop-integrated solution for powering multi-channel, high-resolution display walls. With its ability to display both mono- and stereoscopic sources at the same time, the TransForm XDS-1000 provides for the ultimate immersive, collaborative working environment.

Business-critical visualization technology for improved data and resource management

The TransForm XDS-1000 powers large display walls that provide the user with a large, seamless and immersive viewing area. The system features an embedded Windows interface on which you can share, visualize and edit any number of application or source windows, whether locally stored or networked. There is no need for a remote control; you can easily operate the system with a mouse and keyboard.

Crystal clear collaboration through advanced videoconferencing

With the TransForm XDS-1000, it is possible to share, distribute and even update content in real-time over the network. Remote teams as far apart as Los Angeles and Moscow can sit on the same collaborative meeting. Facial expressions and body language become crystal clear thanks to the TransForm XDS-1000’s ultra-high bandwidth capacities, fast image update rate and its powerful visual output.

Total immersion

The TransForm XDS-1000’s stereoscopic capabilities allow in depth display of complicated data, such as car models in the automotive industry, or seismic data in the oil and gas industry. Hidden details or correlations become clear immediately in a virtual, immersive work environment. Furthermore, the TransForm XDS-1000 can display up to six 3D sources simultaneously, or even display mono and stereo sources at the same time.

Unlimited, uncompromising display flexibility

The XDS-1000 effortlessly teams up with other hardware, such as DVD, satellite TV, videoconferencing systems, laptops or even multi-channel stereoscopic workstations, and displays these sources in native resolution, in multiple windows. Thanks to Barco patented technology, each source is displayed synchronously, in its own native resolution and frequency.







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