Ultra Reality 7000

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About Ultra Reality 7000

The Barco Ultra Reality 7000 (UR 7000) combines ultra high-resolution, enhanced contrast and advanced digital signal processing. It delivers compelling visual presentations with superb detail and clarity.
With its high performance U-XGA LCD panels and 3,500 lumens brightness the Barco Ultra Reality 7000 is the ideal projection solution to display large spreadsheets, technical drawings, high resolution satellite maps, medical images as well as high-definition video.


Ultra-high Resolution
  • The ideal projector for displaying high resolution satellite maps, medical images, engineering designs as well as high-definition video, thanks to its UXGA panels (1600 x 1200 pixels) and its enhanced color uniformity.

  • Show one data and one video image simultaneously. Presenters will be able to bring over the message more effectively by displaying multiple information sources simultaneously.

Seamless source switching
  • Seamless switching. Switch sources on-the-fly without distracting on-screen warning messages or irritating waiting intervals.
    Switch to another source, faster than you can switch TV channels, thanks to extreme powerful image processing.

    Switch sources using special transition effects. Use special effects like box-in/out or vertical curtain to change sources.

    Make sure your logo is always there! With one click on the remote control, you can switch from the display source to a full-color rendition of your logo or to another image you have chosen. This way the screen never goes black during intermissions or long discussions.
Digital Zoom
  • The UR7000 projector allows you to digitally zoom inside a window and scroll for the details you want to emphasize, depending on the original ‘source’ resolution (this can go up to QXGA!).

  • All actions take place without freezing the image, thanks to the UR7000’s real-time image processing capability.

Versatile source compatibility
  • The BARCO ULTRA REALITY 7000 features configurable BNC inputs and displays brilliant, ultra-high resolution images from virtually any computer or video (analog/digital) source:
    • Analog video sources: All VHS, S-VHS, Component
    (Y, R-Y, B-Y) and RGB formats, HD-ready
    • Data sources: computers and workstations with a
    resolution of up to 2048 x 1536 pixels
    • Digital Visual Interface (DVI) (up to U-XGA)
    • Serial Digital Input (SDI)
    • Optional High Definition Serial Digital Input (HDSDI)

Ultra Reality 7000

Ultra Reality 7000
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