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Optimal collaboration for better decision-making

During escalated crisis situations, decisions need to be made fast yet accurately — even if experts and decision-makers are not present in the same location. In order to improve collaboration, Barco allows pushing a Perspective (a layout of information sources, grouping relevant information) from the control room to one or more breakout rooms to consult remote experts or higher management. In this way, situational awareness is shared in real-time to all stakeholders, enabling the natural decision-making flow in enterprises. 

Building blocks

Large video walls portfolioLCD video walls

Barco's portfolio of LCD video walls is the perfect match for any breakout room. Consisting of a wide range of products, going from the impressive and award-winning Barco UniSee platform to entry-level products, Barco's LCD video walls offer the highly detailed images and reliability you need to visualize any relevant image and video.

LCD video walls

Collaboration wall managerConnected breakout rooms

Barco’s Collaboration Wall Manager is an intuitive and easy-to-use browser-based user interface. It is designed to guide participants in a collaboration session to get supporting content, available in the TransForm N networked visualization platform, on the video wall of breakout rooms. Different from the existing TransForm N user interfaces (typically lay-out centric and predefined in control room environments), the Collaboration Wall Manager aims to facilitate collaboration around content which is selected “ad hoc”.

Collaboration Wall Manager

ClickShare wireless presentationOn-site collaboration

In order to enable smooth content sharing and improve collaboration, also with external visitors and stakeholders, Barco has developed the ClickShare wireless collaboration solution. This gives all meeting participators the opportunity to share content from their computers on the large breakout room screen. This can be web content, Perspectives shared from the control room (using TransForm N), or information only available on the user's device. Simply plug in an USB-enabled device (the ClickShare Button) into your PC or Mac, and you're ready to share. For mobile devices, there is even a simple app available. ClickShare can be integrated into the TransForm N platform to easily visualize additional information (for example data only available on an attendee's laptop) on the large breakout room's screen.


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