LED video walls where to buy?

Direct view LED technology is increasingly gaining importance in many applications. Next to the traditional indoor and outdoor LED video wall markets, which are mainly related to the entertainment business, LED is conquering new applications. This includes control rooms, lobbies and digital signage. The high brightness, fine pixel pitches (allowing high resolutions), and great image quality of LED displays are the main contributors to this success.

Enabling high impact

Barco is a pioneer in direct view LED technology. We have been an innovator in this market since the late 1990s, and have facilitated numerous spectacles (e.g. U2’s revolutionary 360 tour). This expertise and deep understanding of the market gives us an important competitive edge. For example, we not only provide fine pitch led tiles, but also the unique InfinipixTM image processing. This offers many advantages, including the ability to dim the video wall system in real time to the desired level, without compromising in colors or image quality. In this way, Barco guarantees high impact of the led display solution in any environment and lighting condition.

Why use LED in critical environments

Although best known for its use in the entertainment sector, LED has many strong points that make the technology perfectly suited for use in critical environments, like control rooms. First of all, an LED video wall is completely seamless. In contrast to LCD displays, that typically have a bezel or gap between the individual tiles (creating a black raster inside the content), the image on an LED wall is never interrupted. This makes it possible to spread content over larger areas of the display canvas. Alphanumeric content is never interrupted and therefore always perfectly readable.

Furthermore, LED is a great choice for use in any environment. It is highly bright and can perform under daylight conditions, but using Barco’s Infinipix processor it can also be dimmed without losing any of its brilliance. What’s more, also the resolution can be tailored to your needs. LCD displays and rear-projection cubes have a fixed resolution (typically Full HD), but for LED panels you have a lot more choice. Tiles are available in many different pixel pitches, so you can choose the resolution of your video wall, depending on the content, the distance to the viewer, etc.

Barco is one of the few manufacturers to offer all major video wall display technologies (LED, rear-projection and LCD video walls). This means that we can propose a video wall solution based on your requirements, not on our portfolio. Contact us for advice!

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