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Data is an important asset of any organization. Not only for commercial companies, but also for public services and other types of organizations, the vast amount of images, video, and data needs to be distributed throughout the organization in a fast and easy way. Control rooms are typically the central intelligence hubs of all information. However, the actual needs of the control room are not limited to the personnel within this room. It is the nerve center to communicate and collaborate with everybody involved. Within the same building, but also to other stakeholders in other buidlings and in the field.

Encode, distribute and display

Stakeholders, wherever they are located, expect complete and swift communication about any possible issue, real-time status overviews, and a reasonable indication when issues will be solved. Barco's operational collaboration systems offer the flexible platform to distribute the right information to the right location. The operators choose a fixed set of relevant content, and share it with the rest of the organization to enhance collaboration. It is even possible to share information between different secured private networks.

Expandable without limits

Barco’s networked visualization system is completely modular. Extra sources can easily be integrated, simply by adding an encoder. This makes the system fully ready to support new signal types or connections. This solution can manage millions of different inputs, from over hundreds of different device types, and display them in exactly the way you choose - for different operators, scenarios, or locations.  These can be operator desktops, kiosks, or large overview display walls providing a Common Operational Picture. By creating and sharing views, operators can collaborate in the most optimal way. Control can be passed from one operator to another, while maintaining the highest levels of security. And above all, people only see what they are allowed to see - when they should see it.

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