Radiology displays where to buy?

Barco's extensive series of high-precision medical displays brings accuracy and efficiency to a broad range of healthcare disciplines. For radiologists, we offer a full line of color, grayscale and multi-modality diagnostic displays, display controllers and QA tools. They facilitate confident diagnoses while guaranteeing perfect image quality over time, and across displays.

We provide capabilities that can help improve the reading experience in all aspects: speed, accuracy, intuitiveness, flexibility and ergonomics. How? By offering a complete imaging solution – high-quality medical monitor, ultra-fast controller for fast image loading and manipulation and automated calibration & QA to ensure peak performance and uptime – in which all components function smoothly as a unified system.

Find the diagnostic displays that fit your needs in the overview below.

Remote reading

Our eGFX Home Read Stations, available in designated regions in Europe and North-America, offer radiologists the flexibility they need to read at home. Find yours in the overview below, and learn more on remote reading here.

Interested in the rest of our portfolio? Find all our medical displays here.


Coronis is a family of diagnostic monitors ideal for high-quality imaging of diagnostic modalities, engineered down to the smallest detail to ensure perfect luminance and DICOM compliance.

Your benefits

  • Highest brightness and contrast: their luminance ratio exceeds ACR guidelines
  • Exceptional local contrast, optimized for faster reading
  • Subtle details are more conspicuous for easy detection (Per Pixel Uniformity)
  • Real-time intervention-free calibration and QA
  • Factory-fit glass front cover reduces reflections (<0.5%)
  • Comes with I-Luminate to aid in seeing subtle image details


Nio is a series of modern, simple and efficient medical grade displays, that offer powerful performance for either general radiology or mammography. Available in grayscale or in color, Nio medical monitors are packed with their own dedicated and innovative features.

Your benefits

  • Most efficient dual-head option on the market
  • Highest brightness and contrast - luminance ratio exceeds ACR guidelines
  • Minimal image manipulations – less windowing, leveling, zooming & panning
  • More DICOM JNDs to see more subtle details quicker
  • Uniform image rendering center to edge
  • Factory-fit front cover reduces reflection and improves visible contrast

Intuitive Workflow Tools

Barco’s integrated technology platform enables us to develop a unique set of Intuitive Workflow features resulting in increased reading accuracy and decreased reading time. Only Barco display systems offer this diagnostic toolset, which adds a new dimension to radiologists’ workflow by streamlining frequent tasks with automated features. Designed to help you speed through your workload with ease, these built-in, easy-to-use functions appear at your command, seamlessly paving the way for effortless productivity and working comfort.

QA & compliance management

Radiologists and physicians need superior image quality with reliable, worry-free calibration and Quality Assurance to make confident decisions. Our unique online service for intervention-free calibration ensures consistent and DICOM-quality images, on your PACS displays. It is your guarantee for diagnostic precision and consistent performance at all times, no matter where you are. Discover our QA offering here.

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