MediCal QAWeb is the industry’s only online service for high-grade Quality Assurance.

MediCal QAWeb is...

… the industry’s first online service for high-grade Quality Assurance. The all-inclusive secured system is your guarantee for consistent image quality and uptime of all PACS display systems throughout the facility. The system is compatible with Barco diagnostic and clinical displays in addition to non-Barco displays.

  • DICOM calibration
  • automated Quality Assurance
  • display asset management
  • problem solving
  • reporting

Why MediCal QAWeb?

  • Superior image quality with reliable, intervention-free calibration and QA
  • Flexible, cost-conscious service options that guarantee maximum workstation uptime
  • Proactive notification of quality issues
  • Seamless implementation of regional QA guidelines
  • Standard report distribution and customized reporting

MediCal QAWeb Server

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MediCal QAWeb Agent

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