MediCal QAWeb for Radiology Managers and PACS Administrators ...

  • Maximized PACS workstation usage with highest diagnostic confidence
    • Rapid, intervention-free calibration and Quality Assurance
    • Effortless compliance with medical standards
    • Ultra-fast issue identification and automated corrective actions
  • Optimum asset management and budget control from anywhere, at any time
    • PACS display system management via a secured, online service
    • Easy budget reports enable full cost control
    • A flexible solution for any healthcare facility, regardless of size

MediCal QAWeb for IT Managers ...

  • Easy central management with minimum effort
    • Fast setup with automated calibration and quality assurance
    • Notifications in case of possible issues
    • Highest uptime thanks to remote capabilities from your desk, or from anywhere throughout the web
  • Secured and worry-free service solution for all medical workstations
    • Secure and HIPAA compliant
    • Easy compliance to internationally accepted guidelines (AAPM, JCAHO, /medical/qa.)
    • Monthly activity reports in your mailbox

MediCal QAWeb for QA Technologists ...

  • Life becomes so much easier
    • Intervention-free calibration and Quality Assurance while radiologists can continue to work
    • Rapid issue identification and prompt initiation of appropriate corrective actions, resulting in maximum uptime of the medical workstations
    • Easy to start with a QA policy/easy to control more displays
  • Central management of calibration and Quality Assurance according to international standards
    • DICOM calibration, tracking and remote control
    • Centralized, customizable Quality Assurance
    • Generic and detailed reports

MediCal QAWeb for Physicists ...

  • Effortless compliance with internationally accepted medical guidelines
    • Automated DICOM calibration
    • Intervention-free Quality Assurance while radiologists can continue to work
  • Central control of all PACS displays from anywhere
    • Central management of all calibration details
    • Customizable central QA policy control with specific tests, frequencies, tolerances, /medical/qa.
    • Detailed history reports for trend analysis

MediCal QAWeb for Radiologists ...

  • 100% confidence in the equipment you use to make life-critical decisions in seconds
    • Continuous calibration
    • Transparent Quality Assurance
    • Central control from the QA technologist
    • Internationally accepted compliance reports
  • Always available workstations
    • Highest uptime through fast issue identification and remote support

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