A secure architecture

The MediCal QAWeb system is built around three main components:

  • The MediCal QAWeb Agent
    The MediCal QAWeb Agent is taking care of all calibration and QA activity at workstation and display level, in a transparent way. 
  • The MediCal QAWeb Relay
    The MediCal QAWeb Relay is the heart of the security handling within your facility.
  • The MediCal QAWeb Server
    The MediCal QAWeb Server is a server hosted by Barco. It is available on the internet via a secured connection and with a digital certificate. It is not possible to browse through the live QAWeb Server using the HTTP protocol.


Security at every level

MediCal QAWeb's unique approach ensures the highest level of security for medical facilities. It complies with all HIPAA security regulations. Its architecture is based on a NEMA standard and addresses the possible risks in this respect.

MediCal QAWeb makes use of an advanced security system at all levels of the architecture.

The MediCal QAWeb Server ...

  • is located in a secured environment which is only physically accessible by authorized Barco personnel
  • makes use of a secure HTTPS connection based on 128-bit encryption
  • has a security certificate from by a trusted authority
  • uses a unique certificate and user account for every facility, which prevents unauthorized access from another facility
  • cannot be accessed using the HTTP protocol

The MediCal QAWeb Relay ...

  • always takes the initiative to contact the MediCal QAWeb Server, so no real remote access is enabled
  • communicates with the MediCal QAWeb server over a secure HTTPS connection
  • does not transmit any Personal Health Information
  • features a logging trail, so that all data transfer can be traced afterwards

The MediCal QAWeb Agent ...

  • uses HTTP and HTTPS to communicate with the MediCal QAWeb Relay

MediCal QAWeb Server

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MediCal QAWeb Agent

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