Sign up now

Signing up for MediCal QAWeb happens via an easy, online procedure:

  • Click here to open the sign-up-form
  • Enter your user and facility information, also select the user name and password for the MediCal QAWeb administrator (the person who manages all MediCal QAWeb users in your facility)
  • You need a service provider code to complete this. The service provider is a MediCal QAWeb Partner and can help you with setting up the system and handling possible issues.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the MediCal QAWeb administrator (normally person who signs up)
  • After confirmation, a second email will be sent with Relay installation details and further steps to finalize the installation
  • Install the MediCal QAWeb Relay
  •  Add departments to MediCal QAWeb and add workstations by installing the MediCal QAWeb Agent (remotely or locally)
  • Start using MediCal QAWeb