Barco Residential Concepts & Idea's

At Barco Residential we see our mission as, ‘creating architectural digital canvases that enable the most immersive entertainment and cultural experiences in luxury homes for customers to share with loved ones’.
While in our industry home cinema tends to be a primary focus, it is but one of these experiences, with exciting opportunities in high end gaming, new media art and wellness.
From a technology perspective, the different technologies we use to create our digital canvas can enable different experience and projection remains a critical ingredient. At this page our goal is to show you some examples on how you can do that.

The perfect living room

 The project we have here was a living room project where the customer wanted a big screen TV, which was considered easy for the architect, no changes to the room itself, just add a big TV over the fireplace.

The homeowner had assumed a TV was the logical solution, as there were large windows on the side, a fireplace in the front of the room, a large light fixture in the center of the room and a bookshelf on the entire backwall. These were all challenges that needed to be overcome.

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Outdoor cinema

Outdoor design is a completely different ball game compared to an indoor application as more factors are involved, although the same set of design rules of course remain in play for outdoor spaces as well.
We have created a page to inspire, and help designers and architects to see a few alternative installations and an example, where we show the entire thought process for an outdoor application.

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Window on the world

Window to the world is an all new concept that we are working on, the idea is that we create a "window" or as we like to call it a digital canvas, using projectors, LED or even Unisee.

The "window" can be a screen from floor to ceiling, just filling the entire wall with an image or create look a like windows.

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