Outdoor Design

Outdoor design is a completely different ball game compared to an indoor application as more factors are involved, although the same set of design rules of course remain in play for outdoor spaces as well.
Outdoor installations however also need to contend with ambient light, temperature, humidity and weather. These all provide a unique set of physical challenges that need to be overcome. It is not a problem as long as you design the outdoor space with these design elements in mind.


With the right design and technology, we can address these challenges. Ambient light is usually particularly challenging as a lot of light output is required from the projector to overcome this, especially with direct sun light. If the Custom Integrator is involved early in the design process, important considerations like screen and projector placement can be reviewed in function of how and when the client wants to enjoy the system. Ambient light is much lower in the evening for example, and 

we can take advantage of cover provided by a roof or ceiling when selecting the projector position. Direct sun light on the screen is almost impossible to overcome, so is never advisable. Designing a weather-proof box for the projector and architecturally hiding it in the ground, ceiling, walls or hidden inside outdoor furniture provides many opportunities to ensure a great experience for the client. As before early communication between architects, designers and integrators is the key to success.
Outdoor pool solution, customer wanted to have a big outdoor screen for the family to enjoy movies in the afternnon/ evening when the sun was setting. projector and screen is installed in motorized confided space when they are not in use. Technology is only visible when in use. Projector used is a Loki.
similar solution as the previous, but instead of a ground hidden screen, this one is hidden in the ceilling. Projector is installed the same way. Customer wanted to have a big outdoor screen for the family to enjoy movies in the afternnon/ evening when the sun was setting.  Projector used here is a Balder
Outdoor rear projection solution. Customer is a big sportsfan and like to watch several games at the same time and follow statistics, all possible on this huge 5 meter wide screen with Barco image processing for watching multiple sources at the same time. 

Outdoor Living Concept example

We have created an practical example to inspire architects and designers with the opportunities offered by Custom Integrators and Barco.

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