Customer References

At this page we will present some of the customer installations where our products have been used, everything from small home theaters to blended curved garage walls. We hope you will be as inspired as we are.

Gallery or Garage?

This project is really showing how far you can go with our projectors, This installation blends images using (3) Balder CinemaScope projectors, with an overall resolution of 14300 x 2160 pixels.

With Barco Residential projectors there are very few limitations in how dynamic and creative we can get. The installing Integrator,  AudioVisions, won the "BEST OF EVERYTHING" award for this home. Learn more about this project by clicking the below button.

Skyfall Cinema

This very special home needed a very special cinema. Thanks to the efforts of install company Consexto, it got one complete cinema room with a slick James Bond theme.

This amazing cinema is located in Portugal, close to the home of the Integrator and our great partner Consexto.

Ceiling integrated projectors

The client wanted to present her guests with the best Oscars red carpet viewing party ever, and she wanted two huge screens to do the work

Cantara pulled off the installation of dual drop-down Barco projectors, screens, and hidden speakers.

ICE Cinema™ Madeira

On the small island of Madeira, in a stunning villa, Consexto delivered a cinema that marries performance with design. A perfect example of how clients fall in love when exposed to the right type of private cinema demonstration.

In-door and out-door 

This amazing 30,000 square foot mansion is located in Las Vegas. Installing Integrator Eagle Sentry hooked this custom home up with 4 Barco Residential projectors: (2) Orions, (1) Balder, and (1) Loki. It certainly begs the question, “What are we watching tonight?”

Turning an unused loft into a cinema

When you don't have a dedicated room to build a cinema, but you have an unused attic, what do you do?
This attic based cinema is perfect example of how with a lot of creativity, interior design and technology can be used together.
Check out this great cinema room done by Tecnoclima and ICE Cinema

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An Immersive Family Media Room

Dome4u are Home Technology Architect specialists that work closely with our distribution partner Genesis Home Technology Architects in Southern Europe. Dome4u has  an eye for detail and a passion to exceed expectations. A property owner approached the company looking for a solution for their unused basement, the team set to work to transform the space into an immersive family media room. The family now all agree this is their favourite place to hang out together!

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Bringing breathtaking movie imagery to an exclusive Swiss Chalet

What does it take to create the perfect home cinema? Swiss ceed AG, an expert in home automation projects, knows exactly how to bring breathtaking imagery to a home cinema. When one of its customers called in its help to upgrade his private screening room, ceed suggested the Barco Residential ultra-high-end Prometheus 4K Cinema at Home projector.

A beautiful cinema done by De Opera Domotica

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, the majority of De Opera Domotica's assignments consists of whole house projects. Check out this beautiful cinema they built for a client in the Netherlands.

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Surrey Hills Home Cinemas, Wimbledon

With its latest installation, Guildford-based integrator, Surrey Hills Home Cinemas has created an exceptional cinematic experience within a beautifully renovated contemporary home in Wimbledon Village. This Cinema is equipped with brilliance of Barco’s Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) compliant Freya+ 4K laser projector

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