A Car-Lovers home!

The house is designed by Roman James, the five-bedroom, ten-bathroom home occupies 16,450 square feet. The house do also have a hidden movie theater behind one of the bookshelves.
Perhaps the biggest draw, at least for car collectors, is the house’s seven-car attached garage. Visitors—and owners—can drive their cars up a starlight quartzite driveway and enter the air conditioned space. Inside is a 58-foot wall animation and a turntable with surround sound, according to the listing. Our Barco Residential Technical expert team helped designing and installing this video wall.

Image 1, three Balder CS units and wall

Image 2, three Balder CS ceiling mounted

Image 3, Without cars

AudioVisions about this installation

“This beautiful mansion is two stories above ground plus a basement for the garage, lounge and exercise areas. The total square footage is 16,450 sq. ft. “One of the main focuses was the healthy living aspect of the home and how technology could help make that happen. Clean water, clean air, and balanced human-centric lighting were used to create an oasis of healthy living.

Even “standard” systems like video were supersized with two wall installation in both the basement bar and living room. But perhaps the most compelling installation in the entire home is the custom projection video wall incorporating three 4K Barco Residential projectors. Pretty nice for a garage, right?

How do we do it?

In projects like this, it’s very important that the customer contact us early. It is crucial to see drawings of the room, hear about the idea the client has. Part of the design process is to calculate how many projectors we need to fill the screen, check if you would be better off by changing the size of the screen a few feet(centimeters) one or the other way. Go over details like video processing and sources that will be used. All of these questions are important to be able to specify the wall. For this installation we ended up using 3 Balder Cinemascope units to fill the very wide screen. The image was 18 meter (58 feet) wide. Three Balder Cinemascope units were used.

For this installation our product expert was on site to support the actual installation. The main focus on site was to color match the projectors, blend and warp setup and help setting up processors or computers to handle the content. 

When he left the three separate projector images was turned into one  seamless curved image.

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