Skyfall Theme

This cinema is featuring an impressive design and craftmanship, all done by one of europe's best AV integrators, Consexto. They have been doing this for over 10 years and are known for exactly that, design, craftmanship and of course quality. 


No movie theatre will ever be enough, once you experience the true power of a Consexto Home Theatre. You will be renouncing the minimalist life for one that’s colorful and surprising. All adapted to the architecture of each particular space, ensuring maximum acoustic treatment and allowing you to take advantage of the best possible performance of all equipment.

For this specific cinema, the customer is a big fan of movies, especially the James Bond collection. He is also an Aston Martin collector.

Consexto combined these design elements in this cinema without being too notorious, it needed to be classic and luxurious, but without hitting your eyes too much.



Cousy sofa in the back row

towards the back of the theater

motorized drawers for drinks and glasses
Shaken not stirred...
Our Private home Theatre is divided in three components: technology; aesthtics and ergonomics, for perfect harmony.
João Vitoriano - CTO

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