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Offering passengers the best possible flying experience: that is the ambition of airport management. Therefore, the flow of the passengers from arrival (via car or public transport) all the way to the flight departure must be a hassle-free process. This requires the highest level of efficiency of every airport department, including transportation, check-in, luggage handling, security, etc. All these activities are monitored and handled from the Airport Operations Center (AOC or APOC).

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Although well-known by the public, airports are are extraordinarily complex environments. You could describe them as large cities, located in a condensed space. It is logical that every aspect needs to be meticulously monitored and managed - and every potential obstacle needs to be corrected. This is typically either done centrally from one APOC, or distributed with multiple small control rooms dedicated to one aspect, at a larger APOC that serves as a central command post.

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Because a lot of very diverse information needs to be monitored and managed in the APOC, there typically are multiple secured networks in place. Barco OpSpace is specifically designed to handle these sort of complex ecosystems, allowing to monitor all operations from a single pixel space, using only one keyboard and mouse - while upholding all security protocols. This gives the operators the ability to focus on their jobs, without worrying about the technology.

A bird's eye view on all critical information

Next to the operator workspace solution, Barco also offers it renowned video walls portfolio. We are on of the few manufacturers to offer all relevant control room display technologies (LED, LCD and rear-projection), giving customers the chance to pick which one best suits their application. A wide range of video wall controllers and the TransForm N data distribution system, allows to get all necessary information on a common operational picture - at the right time.

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