Campus security control centers

Control rooms for schools, universities and research facilities

Ensuring the safety of your students, staff and teachers at the campus requires a dedicated approach. As part of the security staff, you need to monitor access control, people streams, behavior detection and many other parameters. Barco enables you to integrate all this information into a single, integrated overview, so you can detect incidents and take the appropriate measures much faster. With many years of experience in the control room market, Barco is the ideal technology partner to help you optimize campus safety.

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University operator in control roomVisualize the security of students, staff and teachers

Barco’s visualization and collaboration solutions help campus security operators like you to make critical decisions based on images that remain accurate and truthful all day. With years of expertise in all relevant video wall technologies – LCD, LED, or rear-projection – Barco can offer a visualization solution that is tailored to your campus needs.

Respond and resolve faster

Barco’s visualization solutions allow you to collect and display all relevant information, including live camera feeds, social media, visitor data and maps, in real time in a personalized workspace. You can access all information, even from disparate secured networks, with a single keyboard and mouse. This allows you to process the information and respond to incidents much faster.

Collaborate in and out of your control room

Sup holding safety and security in campus communities requires a close cooperation between command center operators and field workers. With Barco’s visualization and collaboration solutions operators can share video and data securely to all relevant decision-makers and remote field staff at any location.

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