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Campus safety has become a focus point for higher education in recent years. Ensuring the security of students, staff and teachers requires dedicated security systems, including access control, monitoring, and behavior detection. With many years of expertise in the control room market, Barco has the solutions in its portfolio to optimize student safety.

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A complete portfolio of visualization solutions

Campus security control centers are a relatively new branch in control rooms. Upholding safety and security in campus communities requires both the attention of the command center and security officers in the field. This requires a close cooperation between operators and field workers, and the dedicated tools to do so.

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Bringing the best in all video wall technologies

Barco’s video wall portfolio consists of rear-projection, LCD and LED. This makes us one of the few manufacturers that offer all of the dominant control room video wall technologies. This enables us to answer all application needs with the perfect solution - without being restricted to the portfolio.

Campus security control centers typically display live camera footage, various information (including number of visitors) and maps. Also social media feeds are increasingly visualized, because events are often posted rather than reported. This requires a very flexible and versatile control room solution that can optimize security of the complete campus. At Barco we have exactly what you need in our product range.

Future-proof technology

Security information and campus data are collected and sent to the control center in real-time. All this data needs to be presented to the staff in the best possible way. Barco’s innovative TransForm N media distribution platform is designed to be network-centric, compliant to all industry standards, and have an open interface. In this way, the system is flexible, scalable and modular. Stakeholders can consult the needed information in real-time, giving them valuable insights of the situation in the field. The system is created to operate for many years, and allows for new technology insertion whenever needed.

TransForm N is also designed to interface with many leading 3rd party systems, and is compatible with a large number of AV & ICT source types. The open APIs of Barco’s system ensure compatibility, letting you build your infrastructure with the best components available on the market.

Last but not least, security is embedded, as is expected for mission critical architectures that uphold public safety.

Visualization in all its facets

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