Command and control centers

Upholding homeland security with tactical command rooms

In crisis situations you want to focus on your mission, not on your technology. You want your command and control center solution to be fully adapted to your requirements, and flexibly respond to changing needs. And equally crucial: you want a solution you can rely on at any time, for many years. With 30+ years of expertise in the government market Barco knows exactly what you require, and can live up to your expectations.

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Barco's fully TAA-compliant control rooms portfolio consists of the following products: 

TAA compliant control room products
  • Barco TruePix
  • Barco UniSee LCD video walls portfolio
  • Barco XT-series LED video walls
  • Barco rear-projection video walls portfolio
  • Barco OpSpace operator workspace software
  • Barco TransForm N networked visualization software and hardware                                                                                                                                           

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Get in full control of your mission

tactical command and control room

Your command center enables optimal decision-making, based on real-time information. Maintaining 24/7 shared situational awareness, collecting information from disparate networks in a secure way, is crucial for that. Barco offers the needed video wall technology, network infrastructure and operator workspace software to support your decision-making and enable better surveillance monitoring.

Adapting to your needs

Command and control room operators

Multi-site collaboration is essential to take the right decisions to uphold homeland security. Distributing information from operations command to the operations centers where it is needed (and vice versa), following industry standards, makes sure that all critical communications are delivered in real-time. By expanding workflows as required, pushing information within and beyond the control room in a secure way, you can even reach decision-makers in the field.

Long-term supportability

law enforcement command and control room

A command and control center is deployed for the long haul. Through a trusted partner network you are guaranteed a long product lifecycle and service offerings to maximize ROI. Barco equipment is easy to order, install, configure, use and maintain. By growing with and scaling your operations through professional upgrades (without expensive rip-and-replace), you lower the TCO. We integrate legacy and new systems to facilitate the onboarding process and enable faster product adoption.

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