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Optimizing the responsiveness of emergency services

The efficiency of emergency operations centers (EOCs) can literally be vital. That is why the control room technology used in these EOC facilities, needs to be both extremely reliable and easy to use. In order to streamline the emergency management and optimally steer the response teams in the field, Barco provides the necessary proven visualization and media management systems. Our control room solutions provide the emergency services operators with the state of the art tools to command and control any incident resolution. Our solutions can be deployed for medical emergency workers, law enforcement, fire brigades, federal emergency services, and many more.

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Visualization solutions to streamline emergency response

Operator in an emergency operations center

The emergency operations center is the hub of the response operations. It is where the operations are managed and, if needed, the action plan is rolled out. A complete overview of the situation, from the availability of response teams to the state and local traffic situation can be visualized to streamline the operations. This can only be established by the most reliable and best-in-class visualization and media management systems. With a track record of many decades in control room solutions, Barco understands what is important for incident commanders and their colleagues, and the company has designed its portfolio to reflect these needs, in terms of reliability, interoperability and return on investment (ROI).


Bringing the best in all video wall technologies

Emergency services on call

As one of the few manufacturers that offers all of the dominant video wall technologies (rear-projection, LCD and direct-view LED), we can answer all application needs with the perfect solution - without being restricted by the portfolio. For emergency operations centers, the content displayed is very diverse, including alphanumeric data, maps, and video. This means that the visualization equipment used needs to be just as flexible and versatile. In our comprehensive portfolio we have exactly the right solutions to match your application.

Future-proof technology

The innovative, network-centric design, open interfacing and industry compliance of Barco's TransForm N media distribution platform, ensures flexibility, scalability and expansion-readiness. The system is created to be operational for many years, and allows for new technology insertion whenever needed. Information can be easily shared with other stakeholders in other control rooms, conference rooms, or remotely in the field. Interfaces with many leading 3rd party systems and compatibility with a large number of AV & ICT source types make sure that you can build your infrastructure with the best components available in the market. Last but not least, security is embedded, as is expected for critical infrastructure architectures.

Visualization in all its facets

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