Healthcare Operations Centers

Optimizing patient care and clinical operations

In today’s hospitals, streamlining patient flows and ensuring patient satisfaction has become increasingly difficult. When managing your hospital, you want to use information coming from a variety of sources to make better decisions to cut waiting times, treat more patients, improve the patient experience, and reduce pressure on your staff. Barco’s visualization and collaboration solutions enable you to run your hospital operations from one control room, offering you a complete overview of your sources at any moment.

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Streamline your patient flow

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As a decision-maker in a hospital, you often need to rely on cluttered pieces of information. That makes it difficult to make well-informed choices to optimize patient flows. Especially when your hospital runs across multiple health systems, sites and departments, it’s hard to keep track of your operations.

Barco’s video walls, media management, and operator workspace solutions enable you to get a better grip on your patient flows by offering you a complete, real-time overview of your hospital’s operations.

Visualize critical parameters

monitoring and controlling medical flow in hospitals

Barco helps you to visualize all critical parameters of patient care, including camera feeds, sensor data, and planning databases. By bringing all different sources of information from various departments and sites together into one shared video wall overview, you can detect bottlenecks faster, reduce bed assignment time, and make better use of your hospital’s staff and resources. Visualization solutions from Barco help you to share your critical patient data in a secure way across your organization or with remote team members.

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