Network operations centers

Designed for 24/7 network monitoring

To ensure quality of service, your network operations center (NOC) needs to be able to monitor the performance of your telecommunications infrastructure on a 24/7 basis. With Barco’s visualization and collaboration solutions, you can manage the different parameters of your networks and see all required sources, from disparate networks, on one centralized location.

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Maximize uptime and performance

Network control center seen from above

As the central intelligence hub where all data about your network performance is monitored, your network operations center (NOC) needs an extremely reliable visualization solution, from video wall displays to software. Barco offers a range of control room solutions that help your NOC ensure uptime and optimal network performance for years on end.

Display any source on any screen

NOC in Istanbul Turkey

Network operations centers typically display maps, social media feeds, and alphanumeric data. This requires a versatile control room solution, both for the operator position and for the overview display. With Barco’s visualization solutions, you can display any type of video or data coming from disparate networks on any overview display or workspace screen.

Collaborate in and out of your control room

Barco can help you to stay in control of your telecommunications infrastructure at any time. You can visualize your content with stunning accuracy from your centralized location, or share it with remote stakeholders. This way, you can collaborate to resolve performance issues much faster.

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