Process control centers

Optimizing production and safety by efficient monitoring

The control room is the beating heart of the production process. The visualization equipment used in this process control center therefore needs to be reliable, provide a high image quality, and improve operator efficiency. Barco enables to visualize all parameters of industrial control, including sensor data and camera feeds, in real-time and in a flexible way. Our control room solutions provide operators with the necessary tools to perform their critical tasks, 24/7.

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A complete portfolio of visualization solutions

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Monitoring and controlling all critical assets of the production process, requires a stable cooperation between professional operators and best-in-class visualization and media management systems. Whether using a distributed control system with a remote control room, or a system with centralized controllers, the man-machine cooperation is critical. With a track record of many years in control room and production control solutions, Barco can offer the right solutions to equip your process control center, and provide a situational overview at any time. Our portfolio is designed to reflect your needs, in terms of reliability, interoperability and return on investment (ROI). The ease-of-use of these systems will enable your staff to focus on the process, not on the technicalities.


Bringing the best in all video wall technologies

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As one of the few manufacturers that offers all of the dominant video wall technologies (rear-projection, LCD and direct-view LED), we can answer all application needs with the perfect solution - without being restricted by the portfolio. Process control centers often mix static process content with live video footage. This requires specific solutions, which are all available within our product range. By using the best-in-class available materials, combined with a high level of redundancy of critical components, Barco video walls ensure the best uptime in the market.

Future-proof technology

The innovative, network-centric design, open interfacing and industry compliance of Barco's TransForm N media distribution platform, ensures flexibility, scalability and expansion-readiness. The system is created to be operational for many years, and allows for new technology insertion whenever needed. Interfaces with many leading 3rd party systems and compatibility with a large number of AV & ICT source types make sure that you can build your infrastructure with the best components available in the market. Last but not least, security is embedded, as is expected for critical infrastructure architectures.

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