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Security and surveillance has become a main focus point for many enterprises and organizations. Because every security issue is a potential threat to the day-to-day-operations, they need to be avoided or detected at an early stage. Security operations centers (SOCs) are therefore becoming increasingly important. Sometimes these are large control rooms, operated by managed security service providers, but very often this can be small rooms with very few operators. The function is however the same: incident detection and response. This requires an extremely reliable visualization solution, from displays to software. Barco offers a range of control room solutions that help network operations centers ensure uptime and optimal performance of the network.

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A complete portfolio of visualization solutions

Security monitoring

The task of the SOC team can be very diverse. Security monitoring, threat intelligence and steering the incident response teams are just some examples. When the SOC’s main task is to prevent cybersecurity threats, then data breaches are closely monitored. When building a SOC, it is essential to know which information and event management needs to be performed, and which team members are essential for the SOC staff. The equipment requirements of the security analysts will be quite different than that of the SOC manager, so it is essential to consider this at an early stage. Only in this way you can guarantee everybody an optimal situational overview tailored to their needs.

Bringing the best in all video wall technologies

Operator in a police station monitoring a smart city

Barco’s video wall portfolio consists of rear-projection, LCD and LED. This makes us one of the few manufacturers that offer all of the dominant control room video wall technologies. This enables us to answer all application needs with the perfect solution - without being restricted to the portfolio. Security operations centers typically display maps and floor-plans, live camera footage, and social media feeds. This requires a very flexible and versatile control room solutions. At Barco we have exactly what you need in our product range.

Future-proof technology

Security information and event data are collected and sent to the SOC in real-time. All this data needs to be presented to the operators in the best possible way. Barco’s innovative TransForm N media distribution platform is designed to be network-centric, industry compliant and have an open interface. In this way, the system is flexible, scalable and modular. Stakeholders can consult the needed information in real-time. The system is created to operate for many years, and allows for new technology insertion whenever needed.

TransForm N is also designed to interface with many leading 3rd party systems, and is compatible with a large number of AV & ICT source types. Very often, the operators are assisted by software to detect anomalies. When a security incident occurs, it triggers a security alert and the operator can handle the incident. This can be managed completely in the control room, or flagged to the security team in the field. The open APIs of Barco’s system ensure compatibility, letting you build your infrastructure with the best components available on the market.

Last but not least, security is embedded, as is expected for critical infrastructure architectures. Defined by their roles and responsibilities, the SOC team members can consult exactly the information they need.

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