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Whether in radiology, mammography, or dermatology, the tiniest details matter. With our know-how of medical imaging and clinical workflow, we help dermatologists to improve the quality of their diagnoses.

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Next-gen of dermoscopy

Barco offers dermatologists smarter ways of doing skin exams. By perfecting the screening routine and providing intelligent insights. Accessible via a monthly fee, our solutions are affordable for everyone. It’s how we give you more time with your patients. It’s how you can deliver your professional best.

Demetra: The most powerful platform for skin imaging, ever

Meet Demetra, the most powerful platform for skin imaging so far. With its cutting-edge technology, groundbreaking features, and deep learning algorithms, it sets the bar high as a future of dermatology. Inspired by the latest development in AI, hardware, and optics, Demetra truly embodies a next-generation platform of medical imaging.

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