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Digital pathology is sweeping the globe, adding the convenience of bright and high-resolution displays, sophisticated software, and digital archives to the mature histopathology process. Digital images can be quickly transported over computer networks to bring the best people and the best images together to improve patient care.


A new technology in a mature field

As a pathologist, you’re standing at the crossroads of a slow but steady digital evolution in your field of expertise. At Barco, we keep our finger on the pulse for you. 

Backed by decades of experience in multiple fields of digital medical imaging, we’re designing and developing solutions that can contribute to, and reinforce, pathological analysis, respecting the field’s intrinsic characteristics and defining workflow. 

MDPC-8127: designed exclusively for you

Meet MDPC-8127, our ultra-high definition medical grade display, designed exclusively for digital pathology. Specialized technologies support you investigating histological samples. Enjoy sharp images, ultimate brightness and constant image stability, throughout the display's entire lifetime.

With the MDPC-8127, we strive to maximally support you in your digital workflow. So you can rely on an infrastructure that is built for your expertise and deliver qualitative patient outcomes.

Enjoy ultimate slide to eye confidence with the MDPC-8127

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