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Cancer is an extremely complex disease that requires careful treatment. The approach of the treatment is typically discussed in Tumor Boards or Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) meetings. They bring together a host of healthcare specialists, from surgeons to radiologists, to decide on the best clinical pathway for a patient.

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Synergi: Optimal treatment outcomes 

A successful Tumor Board or Multi-Disciplinary Team meeting depends on more than bringing cancer specialists together. Keeping everyone focused with simultaneous access to patient data, images, and clinical case information is the key to engagement.

The vendor-neutral Barco Synergi™ platform simplifies preparation for Tumor Board or MDT meetings, increases collaboration, and expedites follow-up procedures. With greater flexibility and fewer administrative tasks, clinical teams can efficiently review more patient cases.

Barco provides these specialists with more efficient ways of discussing many and highly complex patient cases. By providing a holistic view of patient files, offering relevant clinical details, and streamlining reporting and follow-up, we facilitate collaboration between cancer specialists. It’s how we help oncologists, and other clinicians free up valuable time. The time that they can now spend on their patients.

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