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We help surgeons and OR staff see lifelike images, improve operating room efficiency, and adapt to future technologies quickly. 

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Simplify your workflow

Setting up an operating room is no easy feat. We bring simplicity and efficiency into the OR. Setting up and switching between surgical procedures and preferences? Easy! This allows OR staff to concentrate on patient care instead of dealing with technical issues.

Result? Faster turnarounds and higher uptime of your operating room.

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How can digital solutions improve OR efficiency?

Here are 5 ways

Perfect hand-eye coordination

See real-life anatomical images and improve hand-eye coordination with our surgical displays. We present fluid live video, from HD up to 4K/UHD, using the best available color reproduction methods without a single form of compression. Images are rendered instantly and displayed precisely and consistently across displays, so you can make reliable decisions.

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Maximum flexibility for the future

We are ready for any new technology as soon as you are. With our scalable and flexible solutions, you can adapt as you need to and expand as you grow. Whether in Full HD, 4K or 3D resolution, new imaging technologies will get the representation they deserve.

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