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86% of Learning and Development (L&D) practitioners list “extending learning to remote workers” as one of their top priorities, yet only 35% say they have achieved this. How can we provide a richer, more engaging remote learning experience, how can we improve the corporate training outcome? How can we reduce travel costs, be more sustainable and improve learning outcome?

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weConnect Virtual Classroom 

Demand for distance learning is on the rise. However, most remote learning solutions lack something fundamental: engagement. Typically, solutions are either online self-paced learning or based on general videoconferencing products. Deliver a far more engaging, subscription-based solution with Barco. It is a unique cloud-based solution, developed specifically for the education market. 

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weConnect offers a new way of teaching for today's technology-driven generation. It brings learners together in a collaborative environment, that’s designed for active learning. Teachers can easily moderate classes. Any device with Chrome access is all they need to get a class started and can adapt to any type of room.

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Whether you have to monitor and manage 10, 100 or 1000 classrooms, lecture halls or collaboration rooms, Barco’s Overture delivers an easy to use, reliable and scalable solution. Setup is easy, requiring just a few clicks for a complete installation. Best of all through the local network it connects to all your deployed devices so no need to rely on any proprietary hardware.  

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