Projection mapping

Unique canvasses, unforgettable experiences

What if you could bring even the most irregularly shaped objects to life? Through the artistic play with light, projection mapping creates the optical illusion of movement. It turns common objects into attention grabbing stages and transforms virtually any surface into unique dynamic displays.

It's technological magic - magical technology.

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A visual feast

Video mapping can be used to project virtual images on practically anything – mannequins, cars, buildings – and to completely change color, texture and appearance. It stands out as an extraordinary form of entertainment with an enormous wow factor. This impressive video projection technique can create immersive environments and compel large audiences through memorable moments, even from a distance.

No limitations, only realizations

From design to stage, when each part of the chain supports the others, it will lift your video mapping to the next level. Only the right technology can do justice to your specifically designed content. 

Our video projectors come in a wide range of brightness and resolutions. Thanks to their incredible color accuracy they are able to cover varying surfaces, from red bricks to shiny metallics. And their rugged design is the ideal solution for outdoor events.

Our presentation switchers are the most advanced video processing and presentation control systems on the market today. They enable the perfect mix of virtual images with the physical world with zero-stress image blending and warping.

Let your creativity run free with visualization and processing equipment that excels in flexibility.

No set-up is too complex, no idea too ambitious.

Rely on Barco solutions and there will be no limitations, only realizations of your imagination!

Our products

Barco has an impressive track record with projection mappings all around the world. From the Hooverdam, to the Champs-Elysées and the Sydney Opera House. We know how to enable your creativity. Make your projection mapping catch the eye.


  • Rugged laser projectors with brightness from 20K to 75K lumens 
  • 4K images that speak with crisp contrast and extraordinary colors
  • Full range of lenses for various throw distances

Image processing

  • Uncompressed real-time processing with market leading lowest latency
  • Zero-stress blending and warping thanks to the auto-alignment technologies
  • Future-proof platform with growing feature set


Live events

Projection mappings allow organizers to bring extra stopping power to all kinds of events: concert tours, urban light festivals, and even fashion shows.

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There's a recent trend towards large-scale projection mappings inside buildings or industrial landscapes as part of unique digital museum exhibitions.

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Theme parks

The use of 3D projection mapping is also growing in the design of dark rides. Engaging visitors into interactive adventures & immersive experiences.

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