This is the sound of Barco's RLM series

This is the sound of Barco's RLM series

Who said business projectors have to be noisy? Meet Barco’s RLM series, the most silent projectors for use in meeting rooms, boardrooms, conference halls, lobbies and auditoriums.

Why you'll love the RLM series?

The Who3-chip DLP technology
Thanks to their 3-chip DLP image quality, the RLM display crisp images with a better color stability and saturation.
WUXGA resolutionWUXGA resolution
The RLM's WUXGA resolution ensures you see all important details at once.  
Technology Insight: Blos & I-GuardSuper silent
As the RLM's noise level is close to that of a whisper, they are a perfect companion in every meeting. 
Environment-friendly productLowest power consumption
Minimal energy consumption for reduced cost of ownership. 
DC Animation CinecareHandy web interface
With the RLM Commander software, controlling the RLM is easy. 
Control over IP
The RLM features swift remote control over IP networks. 

Meet Barco's business projectors

RLM series




6,300 lumens

8,000 lumens 

11,500 lumens

RLD lenses

RLD lenses 

TLD lenses (compatible with HDF, HDX and FLM series) 

3x DLP 0.67" DMD

3x DLP 0.67" DMD 

3x DLP 0.96" DMD

37 dB noise 

39 dB noise

43 dB noise 



Standard active 3D






"The projectors were amazing: they delivered precise colors, high image quality and worked flawlessly. On top of that, I was baffled at how silent they are."

Paul Hutton, Managing Director, Blitz Communications

"We used the RLM wherever possible, since their ultra-high resolution is essential for presenting fine-grained, abstract imagery."

Carl Goodman, Senior Deputy Director, Museum of the Moving Image

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Lens calculator

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