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OpSpace is the first personal workspace that enables the operator to be more efficient by offering an integrated view, control and interaction. This patent pending technology allows all relevant information to be consulted and manipulated with just one mouse and keyboard. The operator is now in the center of the information − with all data – even from secure networks – within easy reach.

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Barco OpSpace highlights

One keyboard, mouse, audio set

Provides seamless control across all sources

One pixel-space

Integrates information coming from many disparate sources and networks

Personal settings, at any location

“Follow me” function provides operator’s personalized workspace upon login

Security on every level

Secure access to any application across multiple security domains

Task-oriented, intuitive user interface

Makes sure no time is lost during crisis situations

The “work area” concept

Allows any application to be copied into a work area in front of the operator, offering an optimal overview

What are today’s challenges to control room operators? 

For both newly built control rooms and modifications, arriving at a solution that stays within the budget and timeline is the big challenge

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Tailoring the control room to humans again

In this article, experts delve further into how Human Factors (HF) differ from Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI), and how technology can close the gap.

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5 criteria for boosting control room operator efficiency

Today’s control rooms, creating a lot of stress for the operators, are recipes for disaster. This white paper describes the current situation, and explores the solutions.

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