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How to connect to your ClickShare Base Unit WiFi [KB8045]

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This article describes how to connect to the Clickshare Base Unit WiFi. Furthermore, it provides information on where to look for the ClickShare Base Unit SSID, Wired IP and Wireless IP (WiFi) address information.

Connecting to the ClickShare Base Unit WiFi

Connecting to ClickShare Base Unit WiFi is the first and mandatory step before you start sharing content from your mobile devices wirelessly or accessing the ClickShare WebUI via Base Unit WiFi.

  1. Go to Settings, then WiFi and select ClickShare SSID (default is ClickShare <Serial number>) from the network list.
  2. Login to your ClickShare Base Unit WiFi using the default password clickshare.
ClickShare SSID and Wireless IP

The SSID (label 1), Wired IP (label 2) and Wireless IP (label 3) information of the ClickShare Base Unit can be found on the wallpaper displayed on the meeting room screen.

  • By default, the ClickShare SSID is broadcasted. However, you can choose to hide the SSID using the settings in the Web Interface. If the SSID is hidden you can still connect to the ClickShare wireless network, but the method depends on the operating system of your device. You can find instructions for your operating system online.


    Keep in mind that SSID's are case sensitive when entering a custom SSID in the ClickShare configurator.

  • ClickShare SSID is only shown when the ClickShare Base Unit is set up as standalone mode (with or without Ethernet connection). When the ClickShare Base Unit is integrated into the network, the WiFi of the Base Unit is switched off and cannot be reached directly, as all traffic runs over the corporate network. Please refer to the ClickShare Network Integration whitepaper for further details on the different set-ups. A direct link to this whitepaper can also be found at the bottom of this article.


Last updated Sep 16 2019

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