Spare parts F80-Q12

Article number: R90059471


Spare part lifecycle


Fixed lenses

Lens Ultra Wide Angle Fixed (EN12) (R9801218)
Lens Wide Angle Fixed (High Resolution) (EN42) (R9801226)

Mounting kit

F80 lens adaptor for FLD and FLD+ lenses (Not for UST+ lens) (R9801442)
F80 lens adaptor for FLDX and UST+ (Includes UST+) (R98014421)
F80 Multifunctional Frame (Adjustable rigging frame) (R9802230)


Spare part kit

F80 Motor NTC sensor Board, PCBA_E80 (R5002103K)
Pulse Remote Control Unit (RCU for HDX 4K, UDX, F70, F80 and F90 projectors) (R8769195K)

Tooling kit

Upgrade kit

F80 Multifunctional Frame motorization upgrade (R9801757)

Zoom lenses

Lens GLD (1.43-2.12:non-motorized) (R9801719)
Lens Long Throw Zoom (High Resolution) (EN44) (R9801211)
Lens Standard Zoom (High Resolution) (EN41) (R9801216)
Lens Ultra Wide Angle Zoom (High Resolution, Long Focus) (EN45) (R9801220)
Lens Ultra Wide Angle Zoom (High Resolution, Short Focus) (EN46) (R9801221)
Lens Wide Angle Zoom (High Resolution) (EN43) (R9801230)