My Medical QAWeb Agent is unable to find a QAWeb Relay how to solve this problem?

Article number: [2207] - Legacy code: [KB11478]


It can happen that the QAWeb Agent registration request doesn't reach the QAWeb Relay or suddenly the connection to the Relay gets lost because the workstation is unable to find a QAWeb Relay in the facility network.

In such cases, QAWeb Agent is delivering the following error message: 

If the user clicks on Restore or Check Connection, the QAWeb Agent will send a broadcast message to port 18562. The agent will then continue working with the relay that replies as first. In normal circumstances, there should be one and only one QAWeb Relay in the network. If no relays are replying, then the QAWeb Agent continuously works in standalone mode and show the following message:



This kind of problem is mainly caused by network rules & restrictions at the customer site and is not caused by the QAWeb Software. 

Therefore, we encourage users or Facility IT Department to follow the recommendations here below: 

  1. Identify if only one single workstation can't find the QAWeb Relay or if several workstations encounter the same problem.
    • If multiple workstation can't find the Relay, make sure the workstation or the virtual machine hosting the QAWeb Relay is not powered off.
    • If multiple workstations can't find the Relay, verify on the workstation (physical or virtual) that host the QAWeb Relay, if the Windows Service of QAWeb Relay is still running 
  2. Verify that the network settings of the Relay machine allow TCP inbound connections on ports 80 and 443 while the QAWeb Agent workstation allows outbound connections on these ports.
  3. Furthermore, to allow agents to detect the relay automatically, UDP broadcast messages must be allowed on the local network.
  4. If the relay cannot be detected automatically, restore the connection in QAWeb Agent by clicking the link "restore or check connection" which will try a new attempt to connect to the QAWeb Relay or, in case the Relay is unreachable, allows you to manually enter the Relay IP Address 
    • The Relay IP or Hostname information which should be entered can be consulted on the facility webpage on Medical QAWeb Server (See Facility Information --> Relay Information) 
Note: Feel free to consult further network recommendations in the attached QAWeb Relay User Guide



Last updated Jun 14 2022

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