How to register multiple ClickShare Conference Devices at once?

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Bulk registration of ClickShare Conference Base Units in XMS Cloud

The ClickShare Conference (CX-series) and ClickShare Present (C-series) Base Units can be registered (or added) in two ways in the XMS cloud: "Manual input" or "CSV input".

To add multiple CX-series and C-series Base Units to your XMS Cloud tenant to benefit from the 5-year warranty (Smart Care), follow the following steps within your XMS Cloud environment.


For more information on Device activation and registration, please refer to [KB11267].

It is recommended that registration should be done in the name of the end-user, not the reseller/integrator.

  1. Browse to XMS cloud.

  2. Log in with your Barco credentials and select the tenant/organization name to add the device to.

  3. Click Devices in the menubar to navigate to the devices overview page.

  4. Click + Add in the Device overview page.

  5. Select Add device(s) using device token and click Continue.

  6. Add CX-series/C-series device(s) either via Manual input or via CSV file input.

    Manual input

    1. Select Manual Input to enter device token & meeting room name per Base Unit.

    2.  Enter the Token ID and Meeting Room name for each Base Unit.

        The Token Id can be retrieved from the Base Unit onboarding screen.



    Token Id not visible: Make sure your CX-series/C-series device is connected to the internet. If not shown, power rebooting the CX-series/C-series device will resolve the issue.

    Token Id not retrieving: See [KB11899] for the solution.

    3. Click + Add Device to add rows for registering multiple devices at once.
        Click Delete to delete a certain row.


    CSV input

    Select CSV Input and upload a CSV file with a list of CX-series/C-series devices. In this file, each line contains the input in the following format: Device Token - see the Correctformat.csv file attached to this article.

  7. Click Register to add the CX-series/C-series devices to the XMS cloud.


    After uploading the CSV file, XMS attempts to register your devices and feedback is prompted on each input line. In case of errors hover over the ? icon to get information on what went wrong.

    Some common errors are:

     - Invalid device token format
     - Invalid device token  
     - Device token left empty

    See the Commonerrors.csv file attached to this article.

  8. After completion click Close to see the registered devices in the overview.

  9. After successful registration:

    Configure your device

    and pair your Buttons.

Error message "unable to add device"

Adding a device into XMS Cloud can give an "unable to add device" error. Make sure that the Base Unit is updated to FW 2.5 and reset to factory defaults before trying again to add the ClickShare Conference device into XMS Cloud.



Last updated Jun 14 2022

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