How to enable a test in QAWeb

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Use case

QAWeb Agent or QAWeb Server will schedule tests by default to keep your displays in the best shape possible. If you have disabled any of these tests due to certain situations, mentioned below and would like to enable them back, please carefully read this KB article, which will show you how to do it. 

Situations where scheduled tests may be disabled:

  • Your regional Quality Assurance policy does not require this particular test to be executed.
  • You are using a diagnostic display beyond its useful life for another purpose (e.g. simple computer display) and therefore there is no need for specific Quality Assurance to be executed on this display.
  • The specific hardware and software combination you are using does not support a certain test (e.g. [KB7974]).
  • ...


In QAWeb Agent:

If you are using QAWeb Agent in a standalone mode (not connected to QAWeb Server), then please use this method to enable a test. In case the QAWeb Agent is connected to QAWeb Server, then the policy is managed on QAWeb Server and you will not be able to make any local changes and the changes will need to be made on QAWeb Server (see below).

  1. Open QAWeb Agent
  2. Open the 'Status' window and wait until the configuration has been detected.
  3. On the right side of the test, you wish to enable, click 'Info'
  4. In the next window, next to Frequency, click 'Modify' and enter the following password when prompted: 'advanced' (without the quotes)
  5. In the drop-down box, select one of the proposed options by your preference and click [OK] to confirm.

On QAWeb Server:

Follow these steps to enable a test on QAWeb Server:

  1. Log in to QAWeb Server with your personal credentials.
  2. Browse to the correct scope of where you want to make the change (do you want to make the change for one workstation, for all displays in a department or for all displays in your organization?)
  3. Click 'Policies' on the left-hand side.
  4. Locate the correct display family (or display group) for which you want to make changes in the list and click [View policy]
  5. Under 'QA Actions', locate the test you wish to enable and click [View test].
  6. On the next page you will have to make a choice: Do I want to not schedule the test but keep it available in QAWeb Agent for manual execution or do I want to hide it completely in QAWeb Agent?
    1. Not scheduled but available: Keep the 'Enabled' checkbox checked and change the 'Schedule' to 'Not scheduled' like in the screenshot below:
    2. Not scheduled and hidden in the QAWeb Agent: Uncheck the 'Enabled' checkbox like in the screenshot below:
  7. Click [Apply...] and [Finish] to save your changes. Should you at this point doubt if you are applying this policy to the correct display(s), then click the [View targets] button. A new window will open and show you a list of affected displays. Does this list not contain the displays you expect or no displays at all, then you chose the wrong display family or group.


About display families: Read the following article to find out what a display family is: [KB7977].


Last updated Jun 14 2022

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