How to enable remote Button pairing with the Button Manager and set a remote pairing password

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To use the ClickShare Button Manager, the remote Button pairing has to be activated in the Base Unit's web Configurator or XMS. To enable this feature, either connect to the Base Unit's web configurator (see How to connect to the ClickShare Configurator) or XMS, if this unit is connected to XMS (edge or cloud).

  1. Surf to the ClickShare web configurator and log in.
    In case you are using XMS, login into XMS, select the device and click the "edit" button.
  2. Go to Wi-Fi & Network > Services.

  3. Here you can check the box next to Enable remote Button pairing to enable pairing with the ClickShare Button manager.
  4. Enter a password for pairing. Password entry is mandatory.
  5. Click Save changes to apply the settings.

For instructions on how to pair the Buttons using the ClickShare Button Manager, see How to pair ClickShare Buttons.


The ClickShare Button Manager only works with CS-100(Huddle), CSE-200(+), and CSE-800 Base Units, which have been updated to a firmware version that is 1.6 or higher, and their Buttons.

To remotely pair the Button with the Button Manager, a direct network connection is required with the Base Unit. This requires the Base Unit to be on the network and the correct ports to be opened in order for your Windows PC to be able to reach the Base Unit. All information on the required network configuration can be found in the ClickShare Network Deployment white paper.


Last updated Jan 11 2023

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