How to create a myBarco account and a service ticket

Article number: [2951] - Legacy code: [KB5034]

If you already have Barco e-portal access please click here to jump to the next step.

1. Go to the sign in portal

First of all start with creating your myBarco account. You can click the link on top called "myBarco partner zone" or click here. You will also use this later on to login to your account.

2. Register your email

Next you can enter the email address you want to register with, also you can change the language of the form on the top right.
Keep in mind that the Login / Register form is the same, we will automatically detect if you have an account in our system. Based on that we will let your sign in or register.
We highly prefer that you use a company email address. If the colleagues of your company already signed up for an account you will get the same rights as them, so this will drastically decrease your approval process.


3. Enter verification code

You will now be prompt to enter a verification code, to prove you own the email account.
This code can be found in your inbox with the email address you registered with. If you don't find the email directly, please make sure to check your spam folder.

The email should look like this (with a different verification code).


Enter this verification and go to the next step.

4. Fill in basic information

After you entered the code and hit enter, we will ask some basic information from you.
Please enter this correctly as possible and use a secure password. 


5. Complete your account on myBarco

Next you will be redirected to a page to complete your account on myBarco. Most of the fields should already be prefilled.
Please keep in mind to fill these fields as correctly as possible, because this will speed up your approval later on!


After you accepted the terms and conditions, you are ready to go!

Request access to the service portal

First you will need to have permission to view the service portal, you can request this here, or hover over your name at the top > My Account > Services portal access. 

Create a service portal ticket

Once you have been approved, go to the Barco Support Page and click on "Create a Ticket" as shown here below

Next click on the button: "Create service request".

To be able to solve your problem accurately and swiftly Barco help desk will need some minimum amount of information. This is, where applicable, including but not limited to:

  • Project/system ID
    • If this is applicable please make sure to select this from the related pull-down menu in the form.
    • If your ID is not available in the list then make sure mention this and the correct ID in the description field.
    • Providing the correct ID will reveal your contract information which will increase the speed of response.
  • Device serial number
    • The serial number of the device would help to find further information about the device such as the type, earlier tickets for this serial number, earlier communication, etc.
    • If you'll need a spare part the serial number will reveal the device warranty, contracts, type which are all necessary to identify the correct part to send and how to do it.
  • Clear description of the problem
    • A clear and detailed description of the issue is crucial to understand the angle of the person who experienced it. 
  • Log files
    • Log files contain crucial information about the status of the device and what was going on at the time of the issue.
  • Date and time of the issue
    • Knowing the date and time will enable one to find what is being looked for faster and easier compared to checking all available information/logs line by line.
  • Photo/Video
    • In case of a static visual problem (mechanical damage, wrong color on the image, etc) a photo, or in case of a dynamic visual or hearable issue (flashing image, weird sound, etc.) a video, is worth a thousand words.
  • Steps to reproduce the problem
    • For a fast and accurate reproduction of the issue, the steps to reproduce the issue should be captured. This is essential to be able to provide fixes for software bugs or to determine if the issue is happening only after certain steps.
  • Troubleshooting steps which are already taken and their results
    • If any troubleshooting is already done, the troubleshooting steps, such as the firmware being updated or downgraded or if any part is already swapped, and the results of these troubleshooting steps are necessary to understand if something has already been done which might affect the outcome / our understanding and findings / further troubleshooting.




Last updated Jun 14 2022

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