Is QAWeb Agent supported in a virtual environment?

Article number: [3834] - Legacy code: [KB7978]

QAWeb Agent is not supported in virtual environments because of the known limitations listed below:

USB connection:

A stable USB connection needs to be available between the Barco displays and the zero clients in order to have reliable communication between the display and the client.

This communication is vital for calibration, Quality Assurance and asset management with QAWeb Agent.

As this is so vital, QAWeb will check the reliability of this connection regularly and in case of any doubt, it will stop communicating with the display.

Local storage of data:

QAWeb Agent stores information locally on the file system including Display configuration, calibration information, QA reports, task scheduling information, QAWeb Server connectivity configuration information, log files etc.

As long as these files remain available for this particular system (unique configuration of PC and displays, user accounts don't matter in this case), QAWeb will run as expected.

However, if the data which is written by QAWeb Agent is wiped after each session, the QAWeb Agent will act as a newly installed QAWeb Agent and re-initialize everything each time a user logs in to a virtual system.

This means that no history of calibration, QA actions will be available and QAWeb Agent will recalibrate the displays every time as they are new to QAWeb Agent.

No log files will be available and in case you wish to connect these stations to QAWeb Server configuration files will be lost, this will disconnect this station from QAWeb Server each time a logoff is done.


Last updated Jun 14 2022

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