Things to know about the Touchback feature

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Touchback allows presenters to control any application on their laptop via the touch screen in the room, instead of using the computer mouse. With this advanced feature, ClickShare adds energy to meetings and leads the way to more innovative methods of collaboration.

What do I need to use Touchback?
  • This feature is only supported on the ClickShare CSE-200, CSE-200+, CSE-800, CX-30, CX-50 and C-10. The Base unit needs to have at least firmware version 1.06 with Button having successfully paired and updated with the corresponding Base Unit
  • This feature can only be used when only one Button is sharing and requires a Button with article number R9861500D01, R9861500D01C (USB-C Button) or R9861600D01C
  • A list of supported touch displays is available online and can be found in the manuals & documentation section on the product page. The ClickShare Supported Touch Panels Whitepaper can also be found at the bottom of this article
How can I use Touchback?
  • Tap once to control your laptop instead of using the computer mouse
  • To right-click, the touchscreen needs to be pressed for about 2-3 seconds long
  • To enable/disable the Touchback feature, the USB cable needs to be connected/disconnected on the ClickShare CSE-200, CSE-200+ or CSE-800. On the CX-30, CX-50 and c-10 Touchback can be enabled/disabled by touching the icon on the bottom right on the meeting room display
Good to know
  • The best performance is achieved by sharing without audio
  • When sharing the extended desktop, a small lag might be observed
  • Native touchscreen functionalities cannot be used in combination with Touchback/ClickShare. Ideally, they need to be disabled
  • When 2 displays are connected to the CSE-800 Base Unit, both display resolution settings need to be the same to be able to use Touchback
  • When connecting a 1920x1200 display to a CSE-200, the display needs to be configured to 1080p otherwise you will have an offset
  • To avoid problems and ensure correct button configuration, re-pair the ClickShare Button after making the touch USB connection between the touch display and the ClickShare Base Unit.



Last updated Jun 14 2022

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